View Trigger Glass Cleaner - (500 cc)

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View Ultra with trigger is a liquid cleaner specially formulated to quickly and effectively treat glass, crystal and multiple surfaces at very low cost and with high performance.
Its powerful formula quickly and easily dissolves grease, dirt films, finger marks, etc., while leaving an impeccable surface without streaks. It does not scratch or stain, it dries quickly leaving glass, mirrors and surfaces in general shiny and without marks without the need for final rinsing.

• Versatility A professional product for all types of surfaces, even the most delicate. From glass, mirrors, tiles, porcelain and faucets to polished marble floors, porcelain tile or aluminum equipment
• Balanced formula Does not attack the operator's hands and can be used on delicate surfaces
• Does not leave streaks or streaks Brilliant, even shine just apply and wipe over, no rinsing required
• Economy and professional quality High duration professional sprayer with economic refill in 5 Lt drums.

View Ultra with trigger cleans your windows, crystals, windshields and mirrors with unmatched efficiency, and can also be used to clean other washable surfaces such as chrome, tables, tiles, porcelain, plastic, telephones, faucets, stainless steel, sinks, kitchen appliances. bathroom and laminate surfaces such as counters and countertops.

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