Multipurpose detergent for chemical washing of surfaces Titan Prof 9 - (200KG)

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Titan 9 has been developed to remove a variety of types of dirt from all types of surfaces, without damaging them. In addition, its selective active agents prevent the deposition of salts on the washed surfaces.

• Titán 9 is the only chemical surface cleaner that completely dissolves dirt, avoiding manual rubbing in most cases, which can be harmful to painted surfaces.
• Titan 9 is versatile in maritime vessels and industries is optimal. The washing operation is favored because it maintains a reduced level of foam so that the operator can appreciate, throughout the wash, the state of the surface. In addition, it facilitates rinsing, with the consequent saving of time, water and labor.
• Titan 9 does not contain toxic or irritating substances, harmful to the operator, such as chlorinated solvents, petroleum derivatives or butoxyethanol • Titan 9, due to its high dilutions, yields more, providing interesting cost reductions
How to use
Titán 9 is supplied concentrated so it should always be used diluted with water.
Titan 9 can be used to clean and degrease engines and industrial parts, trucks, vans, buses, automobiles, motorcycles, trailers, maritime vessels, fiberglass boats, engine rooms, fittings, bank warehouses, shipyards, mining machines. , maestranzas, floors, walls, etc.

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