Industrial Degreaser Titan Prof 500 - ( 200 KG )

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Titán 500 is a synthetic detergent formulated to quickly and deeply remove lubricating oils, carbon, grease, and animal or vegetable oils from all types of surfaces.

• Titán 500 contains an exclusive combination of active surfactants that significantly increase its penetration capacity, accelerating the removal of dirt.
• Titán 500 has great sequestering power for hard water, it can even be used with sea water
• Titán 500 is safe because it does not contain harmful substances for the environment or toxic for the operators.
• Titán 500 provides operational cost savings due to its fast cleaning action, its self-regulating foam and easy rinsing.
How to use
Consider the following guidance

Manual washing : Rinse with plenty of water and allow to dry.
Spraying or Dipping: Dilute from 5 liters of Titan 500 in 10 liters of solution (1:2) to 2 liters of Titan 500 in 10 liters of solution (1:5)

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