Suredis Disinfectant for open surfaces (21 Kg)

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Disinfectant in 1.65% solution, for surfaces

Suredis is a terminal disinfectant, biodegradable, low toxicity,
specially formulated for application on all types of surfaces
open, in a wide range of food processing industries and


Suredis is based on a mixture of biocidal surfactants, agents
sequestrants and surfactants. This exclusive formulation provides an effective action
disinfectant on microorganisms, including Gram-positive bacteria
and Gram-negative. Additionally, its specific components reduce the
environmental impact, without affecting the operation of waste treatment plants
waters. Lower chemical oxygen demand compared to disinfectants of your
class and quaternary ammoniums.
Suredis is recommended for applications in all cleaning processes and
open disinfection, on clean and rinsed surfaces.
Suredis can be used to disinfect equipment, floors and walls in
meat, dairy, beverage and food processing industries in general. suredis
can be applied by hand and spray methods and

• High effectiveness in the terminal disinfection of the food industry.
• Suitable for soft and hard water.
• Reduces environmental impact, especially in water treatment.
• Suitable for use on plastics and soft metals, it is non-corrosive.
• Does not stain food contact surfaces.

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