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General Purpose Alkaline Foam Cleaner

Superfoam is a general purpose alkaline foam cleaner designed
for daily cleaning in the food processing, dairy and

Superfoam is a medium alkalinity foam, with caustic components.
with a high content of a mixture of organic sequestrants and surfactants
highly foaming and wetting agents. It can be applied on a
wide range of temperatures and hard water conditions.
Superfoam offers good detergency in heavily soiled areas,
helping to eliminate and disperse organic and inorganic dirt
produced by animal and vegetable fats, blood and proteins. Its use
regular helps prevent scale deposits in hard water areas.
It is recommended for daily cleaning of floors, walls, cutting boards,
trucks, conveyors and other heavy-duty process equipment.
Superfoam is recommended for daily cleaning in processing
meat, salmon, vegetables, canned products, wines and industries
beverage canners. It is also suitable for the poultry and
Superfoam is suitable for use with a wide range of generating equipment
of foam. Due to its alkalinity characteristics, the
compatibility with the materials on which it is applied.

• Effective cleaner with optimum cost in use.
• Effectively removes deposits of proteins, fats and minerals,
helping to prevent fouling.
• Easy to rinse.
• Suitable for soft and hard water.
• Eliminates inorganic and mineral dirt, reducing periodic use.
of acid products.
• Effective on most soils found in industry
food and beverage processor.

How to use
Use Superfoam at concentrations between 3 and 10% v/v, depending on the
type and degree of dirt. Rinse surfaces with potable water.

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