Suma F4 Degreaser For Surfaces With Heavy Dirt And Grease - (200LT)

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Suma F4 is an energetic degreaser for periodic cleaning of kitchen areas with a high level of highly greasy dirt. Do not use on aluminum.
• The powerful action of its alkaline components removes even heavily burnt-on dirt.
• Ideal for use in ovens, griddles, grills and cleaning fryers
• Trigger foam spray aids application and reduces mist formation
• High performance
• Less cost in use
• Suitable for hard water

How to use
Cleaning of ovens / plates
1) Make sure that the oven temperature is below 60ºC (optimum 40 - 60°C) 2) Add 1 liter of Suma F4 for every 40 liters of water (2.5% solution)
3) Spray the product directly on the surface or equipment
4)Leave to act for 15 - 30 minutes, depending on the level of dirt. If necessary, it can be scrubbed with a fiber
5) Remove the remains with a spatula
6) Rinse well with water and allow to air dry
7) For heavy dirt, use a 10% v/v dilution

Deep fryer cleaning:
1)Drain the oil and close the valve
2)Fill with water almost to the level
3)Add 10-40 ml of Suma F4 for each liter of water (1-5%). fill to level
4) Start the fryer and let it boil for 15-30 minutes
5)After cooling and emptying it, clean the residue from the walls and the resistances with a spatula
6) Rinse twice with water and allow to air dry

Cleaning the filters of the extractor hoods:
1)Remove the filters. Verify that they are not aluminum
2)Put them in 10-20ml of Suma F4 per liter of hot water (1-2% solution)
3) Leave to act for 2-5 hours
4)Rinse well with clean water and allow to air dry

Note: Concentrations may vary depending on the degree of soiling. The recommended ones are for frequent cleaning

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