Suma Block Whitener Whitening Liquid Cutting Boards and Utensils - (20 L)

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cutting board bleach

Suma Block Whitener D4.9 is a product specially formulated to remove stains left by food on cutting boards or other work surfaces.

• Fast action Powerful cleaner that starts working immediately after application.
• Easy to use Its viscous form spreads easily on surfaces, increasing contact time
• High cleaning and bleaching power
Its alkalinity and high content of sodium hypochlorite ensure a deep action

How to use

For direct application:
1. Clean cutting boards or other food preparation surfaces with Diversey recommended degreaser
2. Rinse with potable water to remove product residue or dirt
3. Apply the pure product with a brush or fiber, distributing it evenly over the entire surface
4. Let the product act for 15 minutes, then scrub with a brush or fiber
5. Rinse well with plenty of drinking water

By immersion:
1. Immerse the previously washed boards in a 10% solution of the product in potable water
2. Leave to act for at least 15 minutes and then scrub with a brush or fiber
3. Rinse with plenty of drinking water. After bleaching, apply the sanitizer recommended by Diversey. Applications: Suma Block Whitener D4.9 is ideal for use in back rooms of supermarkets and hypermarkets and kitchens of gastronomic or hotel establishments.

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