Suma Block Whitener Whitening Gel Cutting Boards and Utensils - (3.78 L)

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Suma Block Whitener is a fast-acting, non-corrosive, thick liquid gel cleaner and whitener for cutting boards and food preparation surfaces.


• Fast action Powerful cleaner that starts working immediately after application.
• Easy to use Its viscous form spreads easily on surfaces, increasing contact time
• High cleaning and bleaching power Its alkalinity and high content of sodium hypochlorite ensure a deep action.

How to use
Suma Block Whitener is a ready-to-use product. • Clean cutting boards with a degreaser.
• Rinse and remove all food residue from the surface with potable water.
• Without agitating, apply neat and spread evenly with a clean nylon brush or abrasive pad.
• Let the product sit for 15 minutes, then scrub briefly.
• Rinse surface thoroughly with potable water.
• Sanitize the surface.
• For use in food plants: All food contact surfaces should be thoroughly rinsed with potable water after treatment with this product. Avoid contamination of food during use and storage.

Suma Block Whitener is ideal for use in back rooms of supermarkets and hypermarkets and kitchens of gastronomic or hotel establishments.

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