EASY IRON TEXTILE softener Clax Deosoft Easy2iron - (20L)

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Textile softener – easy ironing, long-lasting perfume and odor neutralizer

Clax Deosoft Easy2Iron conc is a liquid fabric softener with excellent easy-iron properties, odor neutralization technology and long-lasting fragrance. The product is specially formulated for use in commercial and professional laundries and is suitable for application to most textiles. It can be dosed both manually and automatically.

• Good level of softening in many types of fabric (towels, sheets, wool, delicate clothing, etc.)
• Avoids the accumulation of static electricity in synthetic fabrics.
• Reduces wrinkles and makes ironing and calendering easier
• Improves the ergonomics of manual ironing due to the fact that the muscular force required is less.
• Provides a pleasant residual odor
• Contains patented ONT technology for effective odor removal • Preserves colours, especially on dark colored textiles
• Formulated with biodegradable raw materials

Clax Deosoft Easy2Iron conc is a concentrated fabric conditioner based on biodegradable cationic surfactants. The product also has a lubricating effect. During the drying process, this fact prevents the caking of the individual fibers and the accumulation of static electricity (especially in synthetic fibers).

Clax Deosoft Easy2Iron conc contains special raw materials to reduce wrinkles and make ironing and calendering easier. The product has been formulated with a longer-lasting modern perfume, which leaves a pleasant aroma on the textile. It contains Odor Neutralization Technology (ONT), which reacts with malodor molecules to inactivate them. This is more effective than just masking bad odors with perfume. The product also offers protection against the degradation of dark shades of clothing, which provides a radiant new textile for longer. Clax Deosoft Easy2Iron conc can be used on most garments, but is particularly effective on bulky items such as sheets and table linens. It also leaves a silky smooth feel on knits and flats.

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