Titan 35 emulsified silicone for leather and synthetic surfaces

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Titán 35 is a concentrated silicone emulsion with a pleasant aroma and protective, cleaning and polishing action.

• Titán 35 has been developed to protect and shine all types of leather and synthetic surfaces, such as: vinyl, polyurethane and rubber, among others.
• Titán 35 creates a thin, non-greasy, colorless, transparent film with a pleasant aroma and water repellent, which protects, cleans and restores the original color giving a natural shine.
• The periodic application of Titán 35 vitalizes plastic and leather surfaces, preventing them from cracking, maintaining their natural appearance.
• The film left by Titán 35 is very durable and resistant to the action of water and detergents normally used in car washing.
How to use
Apply Titán 35 pure with a clean, well-impregnated cloth or by spraying on the surface and rub to obtain an optimal shine.
Applications :
Titán 35 is applied to vinyl surfaces, synthetic upholstery, leather, rubber gaskets on windows, plastics, rubber caps, handles, tires, suitcases, etc.

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