Resource for heavy cleaning - (24 Kg)

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Alkaline liquid for heavy cleaning

Resource is a highly alkaline, low foaming liquid product designed
especially for CIP cleaning in the food, dairy and

Resource contains sequestering and dispersing agents that give it
a complete removal of dirt of organic origin, traces of milk,
greasy dirt, sugars and proteins, also those that were worked
at high temperatures.
Resource has been developed for CIP cleaning of circuits, equipment,
bottle washing and fillers in the beverage industry; in milk CIP,
pasteurizers and evaporators; in fryer systems and kitchens of the
food processing industry.
Resource can be used in spray washes or sprinklers in a large
variety of applications.

• Liquid, easy to dose and immediately soluble.
• High tolerance to hard water, prevents scale and periodic cleaning.
• Highly effective in removing organic dirt.
• Removal of labels and aluminum in bottle washing.
• It can be dosed and controlled by conductivity equipment.
• Low foam, improves performance and facilitates rinsing.

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