Pro Strip Sc Floor Stripper - (1 GAL)

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High Performance Floor Stripper


• Efficient Powerful, fast-acting, low-foam formula penetrates through topcoats as soon as applied Provides fast, consistent removal of floor finish
• Low Odor Formulated without butyl glycol, ammonia and caustics Suitable for establishments where odor is a concern
• Troubleshooting No eye or hand protection needed at specified use dilution

Designed to;
• Education
• Health services
• Building Service Contractors (BSCs)
• Retail stores
• Lodging

How to use
1. Post Wet Floor signs.
2. Dilute or dispense with cold water.
3. Apply generous amounts of stripping solution to the floor evenly using a mop. Start at the edges, to provide more contact time.
4. Let the stripping solution work for 10-15 minutes.
5. Use the mop to agitate and re-wet as needed.
6. Scrub well with a low speed machine (Taski Ergodisc 165), using black pads or removal brush. To avoid the black pad filling, the use of a brush is recommended when removing large accumulations of finish.
7. Pick up the solution with a mop, wet vacuum (Taski Vacumat) or vacuum cleaner (Taski Swingo).
8. Rinse the floor well with clean water
9. Allow floor to dry completely before applying a Diversey recommended floor sealer or finish.

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