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Yields up to 119 washes.

Powdered low foam laundry detergent. Its formula contains biodegradable cleaning active ingredients, cleaning enzymes and optical brightener, high-quality ingredients capable of removing yellowness from white clothes. The product is used to wash white and colored clothes.
-Biodegradability: 80% min.
-Free of phosphates


• Thanks to the cleaning active ingredients, it removes trapped dirt, sanitizing clothes,
even in short wash cycles.
• Enzymatic product. Removes difficult stains thanks to enzymatic action
o Protease: stains from Bolognese sauce, meat, milk, etc.
o Mananasa: stains from ice cream, hot chocolate, orange juice, etc.
o Amylase: ketchup stains, etc.
o Lipase: stains from oils, fats, etc.
• With anti-redeposit agents for dirt on the fibers.
• Efficient formula with excellent performance on a broad spectrum of fabrics.
• The product contains optical brighteners that enhance whites and colors.
Removes yellowness from clothes.
• Deeply cleans white and colored clothes.
• Durable white fabrics.
• Mild fragrance. Fragrance with notes that deliver a balance of freshness, cleanliness and
• Take care of your washing machine since it is suitable for washing in areas with hard water, since it has
sequestering agents in its formulation.
• Its formula takes care of the colors as it contains antiredepositing polymers.
• Phosphate free formula.
• Formulated with active ingredients and biodegradable fragrance.
• Because it is a low foam formula, it can be used in Front or HE (High
Efficiency) High Efficiency.

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