Revive Bib Acrylic Finish Cleaner and Maintainer (18.9 Litres)

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Maintainer and Cleaner for Acrylic Finishes

• Time and labor saving Two tasks in one step. Revive in one maintainer and one cleaner at a time. It can be applied daily avoiding accumulation of dirt between coats.
• Improves the appearance and shine of the floor Immediately raises the shine when polished with a machine of 1500 rpm or more
• Versatile Can be applied with a vacuum cleaner, spraying or mopping
• Dries quickly Applied in its different forms dries in a short time, allowing normal transit on the floor
• Extends the periods between reapplications The floor looks better and shines for longer, extending the times between reapplications

How to use
Applied with SprayClean System and Polished
1. Sweep or Duster
2. Dilute Revive 1+4 (250 cc Revive + 1Lt of cold water). Empty the prepared solution into the spray bottle
3. Using a 1500 - 2500rpm machine and Diversey recommended Twister pad, spray apply the Revive solution every 2 to 3 passes. Let dry
4. Polish with machine at 1500 - 2500 rpm and Twister pad recommended by Diversey

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