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Cleaning liquid for automatic dishwashing in hard water

Suma Nova L6 is a high sequestering, alkaline liquid cleaner for use in hard water. Its formula allows it to be used in low dosages in areas of high hardness.

• Intensive cleaning action for rapid removal of fat, starch and protein
• Its concentrated formula offers great economy in use
• Effective in hard water

How to use
Suma Nova L6 is normally applied using Diversey automatic dispensing equipment. It can also be used with the dosing equipment that the machine itself has. To ensure perfect cleaning results, dose at a concentration of 1 - 3 g/litre, depending on local conditions. The product is suitable for water with high hardness. When using for the first time, rinse the dosing pump and the tubes to avoid possible crystallization in the tubes caused by the mixture of products.

Suma Nova L6 is an alkaline liquid detergent suitable for use in cycle dishwashers and tunnel dishwashers. Contains a blend of calcium and magnesium inhibitors, caustic compounds to remove grease and dried food in hard water conditions.

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