Lavender 8M Multipurpose Cleaner for floors and surfaces - (5 Lts)

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8M Lavender and Mediterranean Cleaner have been specially formulated for general cleaning and deodorization of all types of washable floors, treated with acrylic finishes or emulsions, or without any coating, such as tiles, ceramics, terrazzo, vinyl, marble, rubber, etc. Also suitable for use on all types of surfaces such as tiles, ceramic surfaces, metal and plastic surfaces, acrylic painted walls, etc. Do not apply to the air as an air freshener

- High performance at low cost 8M Cleaner is a concentrated product that allows the dilution of use to be adapted to the cost needs and level of expected results
- Versatile 8M Cleaner is a scented, non-aggressive neutral cleaner for general use, for periodic cleaning and deodorization of all types of washable surfaces.
When applied on waxed floors, it removes dirt without removing the coating.
- Pleasant residual aroma 8M Cleaner has been formulated with perfumes with exclusive notes of lavender and green apple with high residual power
- Neutral pH 8M Cleaner does not contain alkaline agents or solvents, so it does not affect the skin or materials, including aluminum and other soft metals

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