Suma Eliminex Drain and Surface Cleaner (1.5 Litres)

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Suma Eliminex is a highly alkaline chlorinated drain cleaner with foam with high anchoring capacity and durability on surfaces.

• Higher level of drainage sanitation than traditional methods
• Eliminates the maturation environment for fruit flies.
• Eliminates the environment that pathogenic bacteria need to grow
• Increases productivity, offering cost savings of 20 - 30% compared to traditional methods.
• Easier to use than traditional drain cleaning methods.
• More sanitary than traditional drain cleaning methods

How to use
1. Connect the J-Flex of Suma Eliminex with the water hose, using the quick connector. Set selector knob to high flow dispensing position
2. Spray diluted product into drain for 2-10 seconds, based on drain size
3. Let it act for 30 seconds
4. Set selector knob to dispensing position, and rinse all drain. Do not allow product to dry in drain.
5. Let air dry

This chlorinated alkaline cleaner uses a foam technology that clings to the surface and provides superior drain cleaning. Safe for use on soft metals, such as brass, aluminum, galvanized, or garbage disposal units. This product will react with acids, so do not use if there are acidic materials in the drain. In the food handling area, all food products and packaging materials must be carefully removed or protected before use.

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