LimpiaCat Urine and odor remover spray (500 ml)


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LimpiaDog and LimpiaCat are state-of-the-art cleaning products for surfaces with
nanocopper that eliminates the smell of urine, bacteria, viruses and pathogens keeping your
pet as well as all members of your long-term household.
Contains lavender aroma, leaving a fresh aroma in the environment.
Urine remover made from the latest generation quaternary ammoniums,
copper nanoparticles and co-formulants demonstrating the following properties in
surface cleaners for pets with copper nanoparticles:
• Eliminates bad odors for a long time.
• Prevents contagion with bacteria, viruses and pathogens.
• Long-term protection, safety and efficacy thanks to metallic copper nanotechnology.

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