Complete Bathroom Flash Cleaner - (5 Lts)

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Scented Concentrated Liquid Cleaner

Flash Pisos Scented Liquid Cleaner Concentrate is a long lasting liquid cleaner and scent specially formulated to quickly and effectively treat multiple surfaces at very low cost and high performance.
Flash Pisos can be used for the daily review of waxed or uncoated floors, tiles, toilets, tables, walls and any washable surface commonly found in bathrooms, bedrooms and other environments in hotels, clubs, schools, offices, public buildings, etc.

- Double action Quick and deep cleaning. Prolonged aromatization of environments with fresh and persistent fragrances.
- New exclusive long-lasting fragrances Citrus, Lavender and Apple.
- Neutral product It does not attack the operator's hands or surfaces, so it can be used even on floors treated with any type of coating, natural or plastic-coated wooden floors and soft metal surfaces (aluminum, lead, etc.).
- Economy and quality High performance at low cost while preserving the ideal cleaning and aromatization properties.
- Ecological formula Product based on biodegradable raw materials.

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