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Suma Light D1.2 is a neutral liquid detergent for manual washing of pots, pans,
crockery, glasses and all kinds of washable utensils. Removes grease and dried-on food stains. Easy rinsing without leaving streaks or veils. Citrus fragrance and green color.

• Removes grease and dried-on food stains
• Rinse without halos for a superior finish
• Its stable foam is an indicator of longer lasting effectiveness
• Economical in use

How to use
1. Remove residues and food remains from the utensils to be washed
2. Use a concentration between 0.5% - 2% (5 to 10 mL / L of solution)
3. Soak parts and scrub with brush or cloth
4. Rinse with plenty of water and allow to air dry
*(For stubborn dirt, a higher concentration may be necessary.)

Suma Light D1.2 is a neutral liquid detergent formulated for manual washing
crockery and kitchen utensils.
Its optimal mix of anionic surfactants and wetting agents facilitate the
Complete and easy removal of fat and dried food.

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