Suma Dish Plus Dishwasher - (5 Lts)

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Suma Dish D1 is a biodegradable neutral synthetic detergent for manual dishwashing with excellent grease and oil removal power.

• Its high concentration ensures high performance achieving a lower total cost.
• Thanks to its high surfactant power, it quickly and deeply removes fats and all kinds of food residues on equipment and utensils.
• Thanks to its neutral pH, it is ideal for manual washing, avoiding skin injuries.
• Thanks to its balanced formulation, it facilitates rinsing, reducing labor times.

Instructions for use Immersion:
Dilute 10 to 40 ml in 10 liters of hot water. For heavier dirt use higher concentrations. Immerse the utensils and leave them for 15 to 30 minutes. Remove them and rinse with clean water

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