Soft care Enhance Bulk Soap (4 units x 5 LITERS)

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Soap for hand washing.

Soft Care Enhance is a toilet soap for general hand washing composed of a selected mixture of synthetic detergents that provide an effective wash. Especially recommended for use in restaurants, schools, commercial premises, sports institutions, public buildings, etc.

• Excellent washing performance
• pH balanced to provide maximum softness to the hands
• With pleasant fragrance
• Easy to rinse
• Economic

Soft Care Enhance is a general purpose hand washing soap based on a blend of synthetic detergents, moisturizers and perfume. Its effective surfactant system ensures excellent removal of grease and other dirt, its emulsification once removed, and the stability of said emulsion. The product produces a rich lather while the moisturizers contribute to skin care. Soft Care Enhance has been formulated with a fresh and pleasant fragrance specially designed for the areas in which it will be used.

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