Hypofoam chlorinated alkaline detergent by foam (23 Kg)

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Alkaline chlorinated foam detergent

Hypofoam is a highly chlorinated alkaline foam cleaner formulated
for daily general cleaning in the food processing industries,
dairy and drinks.

Hypofoam is an alkaline foam with caustic components, with a high
sodium hypochlorite content and a mixture of sequestering agents and
wetting surfactants. It is highly effective for the removal of
most of the waste in the food industry such as animal fats and
vegetables, blood and proteins.
In addition, its sodium hypochlorite content contributes to the removal of
Vegetable or organic stains preventing the growth of protein films.
Hypofoam is recommended for daily cleaning in the processing of
vegetable, canned goods, wine and beverage packaging industries. Is
Also suitable for the poultry and fishing industries. Can be used
for cleaning floors, walls, cutting boards, conveyor chains and
other process equipment.
Hypofoam can be applied with a wide range of forming equipment
of foam.
Hypofoam when applied under the recommended parameters is adequate
to be used on the stainless steels commonly found in the
food industry. It is not suitable for use on metals such as aluminum and
galvanized materials. Always rinse surfaces after application
(within the hour after).
In cases of doubt, it is recommended to evaluate the materials individually
before prolonged use.

• Effective cleaner with optimum cost in use.
• Effectively removes deposits of proteins, fats and their combinations
with inorganic components of hard water (calcium carbonates,
magnesium and silica).
• Easy to rinse.
• Eliminates inorganic and mineral dirt reducing the periodic use of
acid products.
• Effective on most soils found in industry
food and beverage processor.

How to use
Use Hypofoam at concentrations between 4.0 and 10.0% v/v (4.7-11.7% w/w) and
generally room temperature to 60°C, depending on type and grade
of dirt. Contact time 15 to 20 minutes.
Rinse surfaces with potable water.

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