HT LUBE Sheave and hook lubricant - (20 Kg)

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Sheave and Hook Lubricant

HT Lube is a concentrated lubricant, with corrosion inhibitors, used for the
treatment and lubrication of sheaves, hooks and other similar equipment in manufacturing plants
meat and other food processing

Through this form of application, it is possible to reduce the initial charge of lubricant and improve the useful life of the solution, since it reduces
the risk of contamination.

HT Lube has been developed as a lubrication and protection treatment for
sheaves in meat processing industries. Its application leaves a coating
antioxidant on ferrous surfaces, which are commonly treated with oils
minerals or vegetables.
Experience shows that these treatments with oils always generated
operational problems. The lack of uniformity in the coating, the formation of
gummy residue and dirt lead to poor results and unnecessary waste
of work.
The revolutionary formula of HT Lube offers excellent lubrication, prevents the formation
of oxide, it keeps the dirt suspended avoiding the formation of agglutination
and provides adequate viscosity. These properties allow to improve the operation
and treatment of sheaves and hooks, achieving superior performance.

• Excellent lubrication and anticorrosive power.
• Does not drip, minimizing product spillage on processed foods.
• Fully formulated. There is no need to add other additives to the bath.
• Concentrated, provides high performance at an effective cost.
• Easily washable in HT Clean solutions, thus forming a complete system.
roller treatment.

How to use
The rollers and elements to be treated with HT Lube must first be washed and
deoxidized with HT Clean. Rinse the rollers. For its effectiveness and concentration
HT Lube can be used in smaller amounts than traditional lubricants.
The form of application is as follows:
• Load the immersion tank with water, at 75% of the normal operating level.
• Top up with HT Lube to normal operating level (25% remaining).
The thickness of the HT Lube layer should not be less than 20cm.
• Heat the tank to temperatures between 50-60°C.
• Submerge the rollers in the tank, remove, let drain and put the rollers or
hooks back in service.
• Keep the level of HT Lube constant through periodic additions.

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