Glass cleaner and multiple surfaces Glance Na without Ammonia - ( 1.5 LT )

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Streak-free, non-ammonia glass cleaner that meets Green SealTM, Environmental Choice and GREENGUARD standards.

• Non-ammoniacal Without the unpleasant smell of ammonia.
• Easy to use Its exclusive formula removes different types of dirt, from soap deposits to fingerprints and grease from various surfaces. Does not scratch or smudge, dries quickly leaving glass sparkling and streak-free without rinsing.
• Versatile multi-surface cleaner: glass, plastic, stainless steel, marble, porcelain, metal, laminate, paint, etc.
• Environmentally preferable Certified by Green SealTM, approved by Environmental Choice and GREENGUARD. Reduced toxicity to humans and aquatic life. Reduced potential for the production of toxic fog (smog)

Glance NA, Glass & Multi-Purpose Cleaner Non Ammoniated cleans your glass, crystals, windshields and mirrors with unmatched efficiency, and can also be used to clean other washable surfaces such as chrome, tables, tiles, porcelain, plastic, telephones, faucets, stainless steel, sinks, bathroom fixtures, and laminate surfaces such as counters and countertops. Glance NA Non-Ammonia All-Purpose Glass Cleaner is a non-streaking product that meets Green Seal GS-37, Environmental Choice CCD-146A, and GreenGuard certification standards.

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