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Chlorinated alkaline cleaner for hard water

Divosan TC 86 is a low foaming, chlorinated alkaline cleaner with high resistance to water hardness, suitable for CIP and spray applications in the food and beverage industries. Applications Divosan TC 86 is based on a mixture of caustic alkalis, sodium hypochlorite and organic sequestrants. This formulation provides excellent removal and suspension of organic dirt and properties against all types of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, yeasts, spores and viruses. Divosan TC 86 is recommended for use as a cleaner in a wide range of CIP and spray wash applications, in fillers, syrup tanks, fermenter tanks and filtration equipment in beverage plants and breweries. In the dairy industry in reception areas and in CIP systems in general in the food processing industry. Divosan TC 86, due to its dispersant content, controls the deposition of incrustations.

• Provides clean surfaces.
• Effective removal of organic dirt from food.
• Suitable for hard water, it prevents the formation of incrustations, improving the operating efficiency of the equipment involved.
• Easy rinse, provides less water use.
• Its low foaming power improves cleaning efficiency even under highly turbulent conditions.
• It can be controlled automatically by means of conductive dosing equipment.

How to use
Divosan TC 86 is used in CIP and/or spray applications at concentrations between 1.0-4.0% w/w (0.8-3.2% v/v). The temperature range is between ambient and 65°C; contact time varies depending on application and degree of soiling. Divosan TC 86 must be rinsed from surfaces that come into contact with food and beverages after use.

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