Divosan Hypochlorite Disinfectant - (22Kg)

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Liquid Chlorinated Disinfectant

Divosan Hypochlorite is a highly effective disinfectant, formulated
based on sodium hypochlorite, used in the food processing industry
food and drinks.

Divosan Hypochlorite is a broad spectrum oxidizing disinfectant for use
in a wide variety of disinfection and deodorizing applications.
Divosan Hypochlorite is a concentrated sodium hypochlorite solution that
Contains stabilizing agents that extend its shelf life and effectiveness. Is
highly effective as a disinfectant for all types of microorganisms,
including bacteria, yeasts, fungi, spores, and viruses.
Divosan Hypochlorite is used as a terminal disinfectant in both
CIP cleaning applications such as open surfaces. also provides
excellent deodorizing effect. It is suitable for manual use, by immersion,
spray applications, CIP systems and membranes.
Divosan Hypochlorite due to its characteristics can also be used in the
treatment of process water and in the washing of fruits and vegetables.
Divosan Hypochlorite can be used in combination with other products.
Alkaline Diversey, in order to enhance its cleaning action. For this
use, Diversey technical personnel will give express instructions on
product compatibility and form of application. Do not mix with others
products without express indication of our staff.

• High stability and useful life.
• Guaranteed chlorine content.
• Wide spectrum of effectiveness.
• Excellent cost-effectiveness ratio.
• Non-foaming and easy to rinse.
• Effective in soft and hard water.

How to use
Use Divosan Hypochlorite at concentrations between 0.25-1.00% w/w,
depending on the type of application. Rinse after use. For
disinfection of vegetables apply a solution containing 31 cc of Divosan
Hypochlorite for every 100 liters of water. Rinse with drinking water.

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