DIVOBRITE for dirt and fruit peeling - (1500 Kg)

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Highly alkaline product for heavy dirt and fruit peeling

Divobrite is a highly caustic liquid product, whose composition
allows it to be used in the food and beverage processing industry,
especially in the peeling of fruits and vegetables, and CIP washing processes.

Divobrite contains a formulation specially designed for the removal
of the skin/rind in the processing of green and ripe fruit, without
need for reprocessing.
Divobrite can be used for CIP cleaning in a wide range of
applications and equipment of the food processing industry,
dairy and drinks.
Divobrite can be used in spray or spray washes in a large
variety of applications.

• Easy to dose and immediately soluble.
• Concentrated product.
• Better wetting and rinsing of the treated surface.
• Does not produce foam.
• Highly effective in removing organic dirt.
• It can be dosed and controlled by conductivity equipment.
How to use
The use of Divobrite for peeling fruits and vegetables will depend on the type
of a particular product, so it is recommended to consult with our
technical representatives the concentrations, times and temperatures at
Divobrite can be dosed for recirculation cleaning at
concentrations between 0.5% and 3.0% v/v, from room temperature to
70°C, for 15 - 30 minutes.

For specific instructions consult your Axam sales executive.

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