Dilac Z Acid Cleaner Foam Sanitizer - (24Kg)

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sanitizing acid cleaner

Dilac Z is an acid foam, with sanitizing action and inhibitors of
corrosion, developed to be used for cleaning and descaling of
surfaces in the food and beverage processing industries.

Dilac Z combines inorganic acids with surfactants that
develop a high volume of foam, which allows an efficient
application on all surfaces. Due to its inhibitors it is suitable
Also for use on sensitive materials. However, you should always
ensure the compatibility of the product with the materials to be cleaned.
Dilac Z, due to its formulation, is especially indicated for the removal
of inorganic remains of the surfaces, both originated by remains of
food as a product of the hardness of the wash water. At the same time, for his
content of sanitizing agents, the use of Dilac Z contributes to reduce
microorganism counts.
Dilac Z is recommended for daily or periodic cleaning in
industries processing meat, beverages, fish, etc.
Dilac Z can be applied with a wide variety of foaming equipment,
both mobile and fixed exchanges. It is also suitable to be
used by immersion or in manual cleaning processes.

• Effective scale removal.
• Suitable for use on stainless steel and other materials.
• High permanence of the foam on the surfaces.
• Sanitizing action.
• Easy to rinse.
• High performance.

How to use
Use Dilac Z as a foam cleaning detergent between 2.0-5.0% and as
cleaning detergent and foam disinfectant between 5.0-10% v/v (6.4-12.7%
p/p) at a temperature between room temperature and 50°C, depending on the degree of soiling
of the surfaces and frequency to be cleaned (rinse the surfaces properly
treated with potable water to eliminate acidity).

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