Powder detergent for laundry Clax Activ (10 Kg)

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Clax Activ 4AP1 is a powder specially formulated to be used in commercial, hospital and hotel laundries. The product should be applied in the post-wash stage at a temperature between 40 and 55°C. It can be used on all types of textiles according to recommended dosages.

• Excellent bleaching for all types of white clothes.
• Easy to dose
• Minimum deterioration of garments when used following the instructions.
• Bleaching capacity at low temperatures, saves energy
• Provides good hygiene
How to use
The dosage levels will be made according to the washing classification.
Recommended dosage: 2 - 5 gr/kg dry clothes.
The following must be taken into account:
• In order to obtain good bleaching and minimize deterioration of the laundry, the temperature should preferably be kept around 40 - 55°C.
• At this temperature, the pH of the wash solution should be around 10.
• Keep in mind that at a pH lower than 9.5, chlorine becomes more active, due to the formation of a higher relative concentration of hypochlorous acid; which is much more aggressive than hypochlorite and could cause excessive deterioration of clothing.
• Therefore, correct pH control in wash baths is essential.
• At a higher pH, chlorine becomes less active and therefore higher temperatures can be used; at pH 10.5 blanching should be done at 65°C.
• Hypochlorite reacts with chlorhexidine, causing brown stains, which are difficult to remove.
• You must make sure that after finishing the bleaching, the chlorine remains have been neutralized in the rinse (Clax Cid; see Technical Data Sheet); incomplete neutralization would yellow and deteriorate the clothes when dried at high temperatures.
• Do not use Clax Activ 4AP1 for nylon garments (polyamide; eg powder chamois). Applications:
Clax Activ 4AP1 is an effective bleach at intermediate temperatures, based on chlorine isocyanurate, alkalis and stabilizing agents. This product can be applied to all kinds of textiles. It is not recommended to be used with colored textiles, except those that are resistant to chlorine bleaches.
To obtain a good bleaching performance and cause the least wear to the textile, the washing temperature must be between 40 and 55°C, with a pH close to 10. It must be observed that Clax Activ 4AP1 is well dissolved, a bad dissolution could cause that the suspended particles fall on the clothes and cause them to break in a single wash. Clax Activ 4AP1 also provides good hygiene, as long as the temperature, pH conditions and contact time are correct. Please note that this type of bleach should not be applied to clothing with chlorhexidine stains. Also, avoid contact of chlorine with products that contain enzymes in the wash solution.
The enzymes would be inactivated by chlorine. For more information on its use, see the Instructions for Use

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