Diverflow SA Acid Detergent (21 kg)

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P-free acid detergent for stubborn soiling with antifoam properties

Diverflow SA is an acid-based liquid detergent with corrosion inhibitor, with antifoam properties for difficult soils, suitable for use in a wide range of processes in all types of applications in the Dairy and Beverage Industry . Diverflow SA is a liquid detergent measurable by conductivity and suitable for automatic control and dosing.

Diverflow SA is suitable for mold washing, CIP systems and general spray applications. Diverflow SA is highly acidic and effective in removing greasy, proteinaceous, inorganic and starch soils.

• Highly effective in removing most encrusted greasy and inorganic dirt, improving operational efficiency.
• Defoamer provides improved cleaning action under high pressure and turbulent conditions.
• Suitable for automatic dosing and conductivity control, ensuring correct dosing in your application.

How to use
Diverflow SA is normally used at a concentration of 0.5 - 3% w/w depending on the level of soiling. The working temperature must be 20 - 70ºC. Solutions containing Diverflow SA should be rinsed thoroughly after use to remove them from food and beverage contact surfaces.

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