Disinfectant Suma Final Step 512 Concentrated Quaternary Ammonium (5 Litres)

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Suma Final Step 512 D4 is an effective disinfectant against pathogenic microorganisms

• Super concentrated Its high dilution guarantees effective sanitization at a very low cost.
• Saves operating time Used at 200 ppm it can be used without subsequent rinsing, speeding up cleaning times
• Effective against a wide spectrum of microorganisms helping to improve hygiene safety.
• Effective in all types of water including those of high hardness
• Can be used on all surfaces, including aluminum or soft metals
• Concentration of use 1:512, guaranteed by the J-Flex system

How to use
Take the 200 ppm active quaternary ammonium solution in water (1:512 dilution) from the J-Flex. Follow the instructions allowing in all cases a contact time of at least 60 seconds
• To sanitize non-porous surfaces that may come into contact with food, pre-wash the surface and rinse with potable water. Then apply the suede sanitizing solution. Let drain and air dry
• To sanitize fixed objects such as tanks, equipment and countertops, thoroughly wet the entire surface of them with the solution. Allow the product to act and let it drain and air dry. To sanitize movable items such as glasses, goblets, or other utensils, fully immerse them in the solution for at least 60 seconds, then remove, allow to drain, and air dry

Suma Final Step 512 D4 is specially formulated for use in food processing plants, supermarket back rooms, professional kitchens, etc. To sanitize, by immersion or spray, surfaces in contact with food, equipment, utensils, etc.

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