Disinfectant Suma Bac D10 Quaternary Ammonium Food- (20 Lts)

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Suma Bac D10 is a product for cleaning and disinfection in a single step of all surfaces in establishments where food is prepared.

• Easy to rinse
• Contains detergent and quaternary ammonium in its formula that allows disinfecting even in the presence of organic matter.
• Broad spectrum of bactericidal action both Gram (+) and Gran (-) bacteria.
• biodegradable

How to use
Light cleaning and sanitizing: 1+120 to 1+200
Average cleaning and disinfection: 1+60 to 1+120
Deep cleaning and disinfection (germicide/fungicide): 1+30 to 1+60

It can be used by immersion spray or flooding through Diversey diluting kits. In all cases, leave the solution to act for a minimum of 10 minutes so that it can exert its disinfectant action and then, depending on the case, proceed to mechanical action or rinse directly.

Suma Bac D10 is a liquid disinfectant cleaner that cleans and disinfects all surfaces in one step. The product is suitable for all surfaces in establishments where food is produced. The balanced combination of fourth generation quaternary ammoniums and sequestrants makes the product very effective against a wide range of microorganisms in all types of water. The formula also contains surfactants, which make the product suitable for cleaning and disinfection in one step.

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