Titan 200 solvent-based degreaser (200 Litres)

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Titan 200 is a solvent-based degreaser that has a combination of solvents, active corrosion inhibitors, wetting and emulsifying surfactants.

• Titán 200 does not contain chlorinated solvents which, due to their high toxicity, are very dangerous for the health of the user and the environment.
• Titán 200 penetrates quickly into all kinds of mineral greases, lubricating oils and residual dirt, eliminating them completely.
• Titán 200 can be rinsed with water
• Titan 200 is not corrosive, because it contains corrosion inhibitors.
• Titán 200 does not damage rubber, plastic, or painted surfaces
• Titán 200 has shown excellent results in the elimination of the coating or coating for paint protection in new cars.
• Titan 200 meets OSHA safety standards
How to use
• Titán 200 can be applied neat or can even be diluted in up to two parts of a solvent derived from petroleum, such as varsol, kerosene, or diesel.
• Titán 200 can be used in baths by immersion, with a brush, huaipe or sprayed on the surfaces or parts to be cleaned.
• Leave the product to act for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the layer of dirt, preventing it from drying out.
• If desired, rinse with cold or warm water
• Let dry
Applications: Titán 200 is formulated to degrease or clean industrial machines, mechanical parts, tools, refrigeration or air conditioning equipment, motors, floors, etc. in factories, mining companies, shipyards, printers, workshops, service stations and industries in general.

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