Odor control Good sense 60 Days Green Apple (6 Units x 50 ml)

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air care system
Good Sense® 60-Day Air Care System gives you days of odor control and air improvements inside and outside restrooms.
• Contains a molecule that effectively fights odors instead of hiding them
• Fragrance stays airborne to fight odors, unlike aerosols or liquid systems that sit on the ground once they're distributed
• Formulated to neutralize and eliminate odors in large, high-traffic areas.
• VOC compliant; does not contain propellants
• Reliable gravity-operated system that requires no batteries, fuel cells, or any other artificial means of power
• The dispenser is made of a durable plastic and can be attached using adhesives or can be drilled into the wall.
• Available in a wide variety of fragrances
• Seamless odor control system that provides the best fragrances
• 100% recyclable refills
• Covers 170 m3
• Spill resistant to avoid messes
Excellent for bathrooms, locker rooms, gyms and health centers

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