Low alkalinity enzymatic detergent Clax Mild - (20 Lt)

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Clax Mild 3RL1 is a low alkalinity detergent, based on a mixture of surfactants; hardness sequestrants; biological catalysts and optical brighteners. By having phosphates, it ensures a good wash in hard water, preventing the precipitation of the detergent, thus avoiding graying of the garments.

• Excellent performance on a wide range of stains and soil types.
• Prevents graying of the textile, suspending the dirt in the wash water
• Effective removal of protein stains (blood, food remains, etc.)
• Suitable for washing colored and delicate clothes.
• Reduces washing times
• Extends the life of the textile
• Lowers total laundry costs

For best results:
Classify according to type of dirt, color and textile type. Use with an alkaline builder, with a wash pH between 10 and 11. Use wash temperatures between 40 and 50°C.

Clax Mild 3RL1 has been formulated with a mixture of anionic and non-ionic surfactants and enzymes, ensuring good removal of grease, oil and protein stains. Biological catalysts break down proteins, making it easier to remove protein soils and food stains. This product is used in a single wash, combined with an alkaline booster. Clax Mild 3RL1 is specially developed for cleaning all types of textiles (white and colored) in hospitals, hotels and restaurants. It can be used for delicate clothes. Clax Mild 3RL1 has been approved under the regulations of the Safety and Environmental Assurance Center (SEAC), being a safe product to handle, according to instructions for use.

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