Clax Hypo Chlorinated Bleach for Laundry - (20 LT)

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Clax Hypo 4AL1 is a specially formulated laundry bleach for use in commercial laundries, hospitals and OPLs. The product should be used in the bleaching phase, at temperatures between 20 and 45º C and can be used for all types of white clothing and a limited number of garments with solid colours.

• Excellent bleaching for all types of white clothes.
• Easy to dose
• Minimum deterioration of garments when used following the instructions.
• Bleaching capacity at low temperatures, saves energy
• Provides good hygiene

Clax Hypo 4AL1 is an effective low temperature bleach, based on hypochlorite, alkaline and bleach stabilizing agents. This product can be applied to all types of white clothing and garments with chlorine resistant colors such as surgical clothing. For good bleach performance and minimal laundry deterioration, the temperature of the wash solution should be kept below 45ºC. Furthermore, Clax Hypo 4AL1 provides good hygiene, as long as the temperature , pH conditions and contact time are correct. Keep in mind that this type of bleach should not be applied to clothing with chlorhexidine stains. Also, avoid contact of chlorine with products that contain enzymes in the wash solution. The enzymes would be inactivated by chlorine.

For more information on its use, see the “Instructions for Use”.

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