Clax Dual Biodegradable Liquid Detergent - (20L)

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Clax Dual 3OL1 is a biodegradable synthetic liquid detergent with controlled foam to be used in the main wash stage and/or as a surfactant booster in washing cotton, cotton/polyester garments. neutral pH

• Excellent results on grease and oil dirt
• Good foam control. Optimal use in automatic washing machines
• Ensures optimal whiteness (effective optical brightener)

Clax Dual 3OL1 is an effective detergent based on a mixture of nonionic and anionic surfactants and soap. This product gives excellent results on greasy and oily dirt. Once fats and oils are removed from clothing, they are effectively dispersed by Clax Dual 3OL1, thus preventing their redeposition. The presence of anionic and soap improves the removal of dirt particles. Clax Dual 3OL1 is mainly used together with sequestering alkaline detergents. This combination of products ensures good removal and dispersion of greasy and oily soils, thus intensifying the washing results in heavily soiled garments, such as work clothes and cotton and polyester/cotton table linens. In addition, Clax Dual 3OL1 contains chlorine-stable optical brighteners, and can be applied at all temperatures. Surfactant component of the dual system of liquid detergents, for washing clothes, especially indicated for delicate clothes.

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