Clax Alka Plus Alkaline Enhancer Detergent - (20L)

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Clax Alka Plus is a liquid sequestering alkaline additive, based on a mixture of alkalis (hardness sequestrant) for use in medium to high hardness water.

Combined with a surfactant detergent or main detergent:
• Improves dirt removal, specifically food stains (protein). and grease stains (eg restaurant and kitchen linen)
• Prevents graying of clothes; stabilizing dirt in the wash bath
• Improves the washing result, affecting the dirt-fiber interaction.
• Does not contain phosphates
• Presents sequestering, dispersing and anti-redeposition properties
How to use
The dosage will be made according to the hardness of the water, nature, level of dirt and type of clothing.
Recommended dosage:
Dirt level Dosage (g/kg dry linen)
Low 5 - 7
High 7 - 12

Clax Alka Plus is a powerful alkaline sequestering additive, based on a balanced mixture of alkali, sequestering agent and anti-graying agents. Its sequestering system ensures a low concentration of ions responsible for the hardness of the water and consequently prevents the precipitation of detergent components. In this same sense, this sequestering system also acts as an anti-greying agent, preventing the formation and deposition of salts from the hardness of water on clothes. Clax Alka Plus is applied together with a surfactant main wash detergent. These products, combined with a bleach, offer an effective system, which can be used to clean clothes in hospitals, other health centers, as well as for washing clothes in hotels and restaurants. When combined with a main detergent, Clax Alka Plus intensifies washing results on heavily soiled garments by increasing the pH in the wash bath. Alkaline sequestering component of the dual system of liquid detergents for washing all types of clothing, except delicate items.

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