Professional Powder Detergent for cotton and polyester Clax 3000 - ( 25 KG )

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Clax 3000 3NP3 is a detergent for prewash and laundry, specially formulated to be used in laundries. It is suitable for washing light, medium and heavily soiled cotton and polyester-cotton garments. Suitable for hard water.

• Excellent results on all types of stains and dirt.
• Prevents graying of clothes, stabilizing dirt particles in the wash bath
• Ensures a long duration of its whiteness
• Prevents washer corrosion
• Compatible with hard water

For best results:
• Separate polyester and cotton garments from the rest of the garments to be washed separately.
• Separate white items from colored items.
• Classify the garments as light, medium and heavily soiled.
Clax 3000 3NP3 is an alkaline product, based on a mixture of alkaline salts, non-ionics, anti-graying, and anti-corrosion agents. Alkaline salts, such as carbonates and silicates, are the main source of alkalinity. Silicates act as anti-corrosion agents, keeping dirt particles in suspension and stabilizing bleaching properties. Clax 3000 3NP3 also contains anti-graying agents in its formulation, preventing the redeposition of dirt particles. In addition, it also contains optical brightener that ensures maintenance of the degree of whiteness. Clax 3000 3NP3 can be used together with a surfactant detergent or an alkaline booster. This combination of products is excellent for the removal and dispersion of greasy and oily dirt. It is suitable for cleaning light to medium soiled linens and resistant colors in hospitals, hotels and restaurants.

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