Clax 100 Ob Premium Laundry Detergent - (5L)

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Clax 100 OB is a liquid neutral surfactant enhancer based on a blend of surfactants.

• Highly concentrated product, which allows a low dosage.
• Excellent results on grease and oil dirt.
• Suitable for colored clothes.

How to use
The dosage will be made according to the washing classification.
Recommended dosage:
Dirt level Dosage (ml/kg dry clothes)
Low Soil 2 to 3
Heavy soil 3 to 5

Clax 100 OB is a very effective enhancer based on a blend of non-ionic surfactants and optical brightener. This product gives excellent results on greasy and oily dirt. Once the fats and oils are removed from the clothes, they are effectively dispersed by Clax 100 OB, thus preventing their redeposition. Clax 100 OB is mainly used together with alkaline detergents and/or main detergents. In combination with the latter, its main mission is to improve the dispersion of greasy and oily soils, thus intensifying the washing results in heavily soiled garments, such as work clothes and cotton or polyester/cotton table linen. It constitutes the surfactant component of the dual system of liquid detergents for washing clothes. It is very suitable as a moisturizer in the pre-wash, facilitating the wetting of the clothes and the subsequent action of the detergent elements.

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