CIF Anti-grease Biodegradable Trigger - (500ml)

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Anti-grease liquid cleaner with Biodegradable cleaning agents.

CIF Anti-Grease Trigger Liquid Cleaner (500 ml.) is a liquid trigger cleaner that, with its technology and its new formula, provides easy cleaning and, for twice the efficiency, half the effort, helping to quickly eliminate even burnt-on grease, ultra fast in 10 seconds. Grease stains should not be a problem when there are specially formulated degreasing products,
such as the Cif Liquid Cleaner Trigger, with which excellent results can be obtained when cleaning accumulated grease stains.


Cif Anti-Grease's powerful formula quickly and easily removes dirt, leaving surfaces shiny, like new. Cif Antigrasa has been formulated with biodegradable active material. Some of the many surfaces that can be cleaned are: stove, kitchen, sink, dishwasher, counter, counter, hood, extractor fan, tiles, stainless steel surfaces, microwave, refrigerator, electrical appliances.
Do not use on: wood, painted wood, aluminum, linoleum, and lacquered or porous surfaces.
Ultra fast in 10 seconds.
Easy cleaning
Quickly removes even burned fat.
New formula
Twice the efficiency, half the effort
leaves shiny surfaces

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