CIF Anti-grease Biodegradable Drum - (5Lts)

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Degreasing liquid cleaner with fast-acting biodegradable active ingredients, removing traces of dirt and grease from kitchen surfaces immediately.


*Removes both grease and stains generated from food remains on kitchen surfaces. Removes fats, oils, starch and proteins.
* Fast and effective action thanks to the surfactants and the highly alkaline pH in its formulation, saving cleaning time on kitchen appliances and surfaces
*Shiny surfaces, free of grease and stains, without damaging them.
* Safe for stainless steel surfaces
* Versatile ; Use it for quick and deep cleaning of kitchen countertops, stoves, dishwashers, extractor fans, tiles, microwaves, refrigerators, etc.
*High performance
* Biodegradable cleaning agents.

Instructions for use:

Apply Cif Antigrease directly on the surface to be cleaned with a cloth, sponge or trigger and then wipe with a soft cloth until dry. Does not require rinsing. On surfaces that will be in contact with food, rinse with plenty of drinking water. In cases where grease residues have accumulated over time, apply CIF Antigrease and leave to act for a few minutes so that the active components penetrate the grease residues, dissolve them and facilitate their removal. Do not apply to wood, painted wood, aluminum, linoleum, marble, lacquered or porous surfaces. Do not mix with products since the performance (performance) of Cif Antigrease may be altered.

Carefully pour the contents of the drum into the trigger bottle for better application. Previously it is suggested to test in an inconspicuous area before using it. Unplug electrical appliances before applying the product on the external surface. Read the package label before using the product.

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