Cera Carefree Floor Sealer - (19LT)

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Carefree is the latest technology in waxes that simplifies your floor care program. Carefree will give your floors a high shine and excellent durability due to its good resistance to high traffic and its good response to restoration. Its composition facilitates application work. Carefree adheres to the vast majority of floors and responds to almost all maintenance systems. Carefree is specially formulated to: make floor treatment a simple task.

• Versatility in terms of:
Adherence: Carefree adheres to most hard (*) and flexible floors. (*) in those of difficult adherence, such as some terraces, pacos marbles, it is recommended to evaluate first.
Maintenance: Although it has better results with Ultra High Speed, Carefree can be maintained with machines from 175 to 1500 revolutions using the Spray Buff technique • Excellent result Carefree gives an intense and long-lasting shine

• Reduction of inventory costs The use of a sealant is not essential.
• Simplifies tasks Carefree saves labor and time. In a single operation, Carefree seals your floors and gives them a great shine.
• Easy to apply and maintain Its composition facilitates the work of mopping
• Anti-slip Complies with the ASTM-D 2047-75 standard of 0.5 minimum anti-slip

How to use
initial application:
1.Remove all wax/seal from floor using Prostrip (per instructions for use) carefully remove all residue. It is recommended to pass a damp mop with clean water to finish the removal
2. Apply the necessary number of coats on the dry or previously sealed floor
3. Let dry for 40 - 50 minutes between each coat

1.Remove dust.
2. Carry out a wash with: Red pad vacuum cleaner using UHS Cleaner diluted from 1 to 250 up to 1 to 500 depending on the dirt Conventional machine red pad using UHS Cleaner diluted from 1 to 500.
3. It is recommended to use a damp mop with clean water to finish the operation F2t
4. Reapply 2 coats minimum

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