Polishing Wax 8M Red - ( 5 Liters )

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8M Color is an emulsion of polishable waxes with exclusive acrylic polymers that give shine without polishing, highlighting the colors of both hard and flexible floors. High quality pigments give it intense colors and high hiding power. Repairs floor imperfections and enhances their color, achieving a uniform tone.

Formula rich in acrylic polymers, super-effective with very high performance Greater resistance to traffic, with a flexible film resistant to scratches and marks and easily restored by polishing at low speeds without leaving halos.
• Long-lasting color Exclusive pigments with high covering power enhance the natural color of the floor, repairing imperfections, generating a homogeneous and long-lasting coloration. Formula rich in acrylic polymers, super effective with very high performance. Greater resistance to traffic with a flexible film. Scratch and mark resistant.

• Greater adherence to all types of floors. Forms a film that is resistant to water and detergents, rejecting dirt and black streaks produced by shoes.
• Instant shine The balanced combination of waxes and polymers produce a homogeneous drying, forming a hard and shiny film without the need to polish. The use of low-rev machines significantly increases its brightness and resistance to traffic.
• High performance Its high staining power and easy application provide a performance of 60 to 70 m2/L depending on the porosity of the floor.
• Quick drying Balanced formula that dries quickly in any climatic condition, allowing it to pass over a resistant and glossy film in just a few minutes.

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