Polishing wax high traffic floors 8M Hyper - (5L)

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Emulsified wax, with acrylic polymers, super concentrated

• Super-concentrated formula, to be diluted, rich in acrylic polymers, of very high performance at a very low cost. Greater resistance to transit, with a flexible film that is resistant to scratches and marks and is easily restored by polishing at low speeds without leaving halos.

• Economic
Its very high solids content allows high dilutions, obtaining more liters of ready-to-use wax. 8M Hyper diluted provides a yield of 60 to 70 m2 /L depending on the porosity of the floor. Ideal for maintenance and frequent professional applications at very low cost

• Versatile
Protection and lasting shine enhancing the natural color of hard and flexible floors indoors. Easy to apply, leaving a continuous film, without mop marks or other imperfections. Quick drying with instant shine that increases after polishing. Excellent adhesion on all types of floors; Ideal for applying on ceramics, granite mosaics, vinyl, flagstones, rubber, smoothed cement, etc.

• Greater resistance to transit
The balanced combination of waxes and polymers produce a homogeneous drying, forming a hard and shiny film that gives it resistance to abusive traffic, maintaining a flexible and durable film in the long term.

• High performance

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