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Emulsified wax, with acrylic polymers

8M Classic is a polishable emulsion formulated with exclusive high-quality acrylic polymers, mineral and synthetic waxes, easy to apply and gives shine without the need for polishing.
It dries quickly, forming a hard, self-glossy film without the need to go over, highlighting the natural color of both hard and flexible floors.
It forms a protective film that is resistant to water and neutral detergents, which rejects dirt and black marks produced by shoe soles or rubber wheels of carts or wagons. The high concentration of acrylic polymers gives it extraordinary resistance to traffic, minimizing marks and scratches, while the right proportion of waxes makes it possible to easily repair trafficked films and significantly increase their shine by using a low-speed polisher (165 – 300 rpm). ).

Formula rich in acrylic polymers, super-effective with very high performance Greater resistance to traffic, with a flexible film resistant to scratches and marks and easily restored by polishing at low speeds without leaving halos.
• Easy application and maintenance
Despite the hardness that its polymeric component gives it, the addition of a selected mixture of waxes with intermediate melting points allows an excellent response to polishing at low speeds, repairing marks and notably increasing shine.
• Greater resistance to transit
The balanced combination of waxes and polymers produce a homogeneous drying, forming a hard and shiny film that gives it resistance to abusive traffic, maintaining a flexible and durable film over the long term.
• High performance
Its easy application without leaving marks provides a performance of 60 to 70 m2 /L depending on the porosity of the floor.
• High solids content
Highly concentrated polishable wax for areas with heavy traffic. Provides the maximum performance of the emulsion line; contains 30% more solids than Traffic – Autoshine Liquid Wax.
• Fast dry
Quick-drying formula in any climatic condition that allows you to walk on a resistant and glossy film in a few minutes.

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