Brown Dielectric Padlock - (74/40 Hb40 )

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Characteristics Dielectric Blocking Padlock 74/40 KD COLORS

The 74 series dielectric locking padlock, its body is made of solid extra-light aluminum and hardened steel shackle.

The high quality 74 Series Dielectric Lockout Plastic Padlock Cover protects against electrical shock.

Offers high resistance to aggressive chemical attacks and extreme temperatures.

You can get it in 8 colors (blue, red, yellow, green, orange, purple, brown and black)

It is manufactured with a precision 6-pin Cylinder, for more different combinations and better compliance with OSHA regulations.

Available with short bow and long bow, it offers a retained key system AND with a different key system (KD).

Includes labels in English.

Security level (scale from 1 to 10): 6.

Technical Characteristics of Dielectric Blocking Padlock 74/40 KD COLORS

Model: 74/40

Width: 40mm

Arc Length: 40 mm

Bow Diameter: 6.5 mm

Weight: 90 grams.

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