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Oxygenated liquid disinfectant

Booster is a liquid product, based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide, of
multiple applications.
Booster is used in automatic packaging machines for disinfection
of the packaging material, prior to its filling.
Booster is also used as an enhancer additive for caustic solutions, in
CIP cleaning systems, where organic residues of very difficult
removal, in the food, beverage, dairy and wine industry.

Booster has an effective chemical composition for the disinfection of
surfaces that need a quick action without residual effect. It can be applied
on materials that are in subsequent contact with food because their
Residual decomposition products are oxygen and water.
Booster is also particularly effective as an additive for solutions
caustics, improving cleaning efficiency, especially in the removal of
protein and fat encrustations in food processing plants. bestowing
in turn, a significant reduction in cleaning times.
Booster when used to clean equipment that processes dairy products,
should be used in the first stage of alkaline/acid washing, to improve the
cleaning of organic residues and not for the removal of mineral salts.
Booster increases the effectiveness in the elimination of organic waste
colored, such as tannins from the wine industry.

• Highly effective in the degradation and dissolution of organic waste from
difficult to remove, improving operational efficiency.
• Broad spectrum of efficacy with a very fast action.
• Liquid product, suitable to be dosed automatically.
• High stability of active, both at room temperature and at temperatures
of work.
• Effective cost in use.
• Fully biodegradable.

How to use
Booster is applied only with automatic dosing systems. The conditions of
use vary according to your application:
Disinfection of new containers: cardboard for beverages and dairy products: pure.
Temperature from 60° to 95°C. Contact time from 2 to 3 min. Cleaning of
surfaces: Concentration: from 0.2% to 3.0%. Recommended temperature: from
ambient at 60°C. Contact time from 5 to 10 min.
The cleaning of the mentioned surfaces must be carried out in facilities
adequate, adopting the necessary measures to avoid accidents to personnel.
Rinse with plenty of drinking water.
Cleaning will be carried out on the basis of directives of the veterinary inspection.
For more information consult our technical specialists.

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