Plastic Trash Can 25 Liters Black Central Pedal

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With a capacity of 25 l, it is made of polypropylene. It has a smooth surface that makes it easy to clean. In addition, the lid is operated by means of a pedal and the drive shaft is resistant, allowing the lid to be opened for a long time.


Code 92812009
Volume: 25L
Colour: Black
Made with polypropylene
Recommended garbage bag: 80L

HEIGHT 44 Centimeter
WIDTH 36 Centimeter
LENGTH 39.5 Centimeter
WEIGHT 1.54 Kilogram

Made in Brazil
6 month warranty for manufacturing defects

Recommendations for use

Always transport with care.
Remove the product from the environment whenever you are going to sanitize the floor; some cleaning materials
they can cause damage when they come into contact with the part.
Extend the life of the product by keeping it stored when you are not using it.
Long exposure to the sun can cause stains or loss of color of the product.
Wash it manually with water and neutral soap.
Do not use chemical and/or abrasive products.
Do not use pressure washers.
To avoid stains, after washing, dry it with a soft, dry cloth

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